It is a high school and time for Pakistan Studies lecture in which students are taught about geography of Pakistan. India is situated in South, China in East and Afghanistan in North and Iran in North-West. Students are also told about the beautiful hilly areas of North, beautiful beaches of Karachi, the magical less than 75 miles distance between amazing hilly town of Ziarat and the hottest town of Sibbi. All this is forgotten once the lecture is over. Mostly we may not even remember the earth directions after only reading in books. Most of us may be aware that Northern-Areas are in North without an understanding of the North as part of earth direction but perhaps because the area is named after earth coordinates direction. Why? So what we are missing here?

We are missing the most important method, the practical visualisation of the academic side and unfortunately it is not only at schools level. If this lecture is taught with a piece of paper with map on it which could visualise the ability to well understand the positions of North, East, West and South. Unfortunately, we have never seen much advancement in such matters. This also calls for an issue of very limited access to public data and its poor availability by the Government which actually is part of their responsibilities. There are hundreds of other examples such as failed tourism industry which could also had been a major input to the economy; even after having the amazingly wonderful land of diverse complete weathers throughout the year and snow covered mountains to vast dry deserts.

At the time when I joined Map Maker with other great contributors after it was launched back in 2008, the initial idea was to build the most important and extremely missing facility for our people. A country that has significant amount of young talent and still missing an important approach that have diversity in many means and true need of time in every field of daily life. People cannot realize the power of facilities unless they are made aware hence when we came to know and we got the resources, we went into building it. Then hundred of more contributors joined in and the result is in shape of a well quality maps; accessible to everybody from Google Mapping products. It didn’t only helped just adding new features or providing driving directions to our people, but this also helped our people extensively through the hard times of natural disasters in recent past which is actually more valuable more than all other features. As this usable resource progressed, we also arranged a small meet up with our contributors in January 2010. We will also be looking forward to more meet ups in future as well. I would also like to thank all contributors who are helping to maintain the quality and quantity of maps, especially supper mappers Faraz Ahmad, Omer Shiekh, Nazar H Khan, Sattar Shah, Waqar Ahmad and list goes on.

We now will be covering not only updates from Google mapping progress for Pakistan but also other many more work going into digital cartography at various platforms. We are also going to cover all other exciting updates related to geography where is the chance for all of our readers to make their input. We will always welcome anything great related to geography of Pakistan. We will also be making it a place to help for new comers with mutually accepted and documented standards for mapping Pakistan which is in production.

Welcome to this new website covering every inch of Pakistan for you, for everybody and for a better Pakistan. We are continuing our journey from Pakistan country discussion group at Map your World community and facebook fan page. Today, we are very glad to expand the family with addition of this website and a twitter page. You can get updates through social media pages as well as by subscribing to the RSS feeds.

Long live Pakistan!

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