When spending time and energy to make something useful for people you care about, why not make it in better and perfect way rather than what is not useful despite all same energy and time went into building it. So do the best when doing something for others. In this world when we come to produce something for benefits of humanity, we always keep one main goal in front and that goal is the quality of the product we are going to provide. Assurance is always in hand of the producers so quality always comes with certain controls and standards.

Since 2008, team Pakistan at Google Map Maker had been trying hard to keep the quality assured so the resulted maps become the best use in every way. It had been all about lots of discussions, experiments and mutual acceptances even when one feels otherwise out of the majority. For an example, to correct the major communication network, all motorways & national highways were redrawn with once agreed standards by experienced mappers and it almost took a period of more than 5 months. Perhaps that’s why it had been a great success for everybody to get through and produce a product which is now used by thousands across the Pakistan & people from other countries. This process took all the countless hard work from all contributors and even if you have made one useful edit then must consider yourself in this line of appreciation. For a long time, every discussion demanded a code of conduct to follow by moderators and new comers to get them through the process so results can be produced to its best.

Today we are happy to announce that we are going to bring a series of step by step mutually respected and identified standards that we all had been following through this all time. These are not rules, not controls but only standards which are reviewed by experienced mappers. We hope that it will bring a central point for every contributor and new comers to get a basic idea of what they are going to do once logged in to facilitate their nation. If you consider anything otherwise or have some great contribution to make then don’t hesitate to provide your feedback since it’s all based on local community exertions.

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