This is a video series consisting of 4 episodes created by PennState Public Broadcasting.

Geographical knowledge can be very useful and helpful in every step of our daily life. Knowledge learnt in an interesting practical way is much more understandable and easily implementable than the one learnt in theories.

So here is the series of very interesting videos which are made for public awareness regarding advancements in digital maps, geography and their best use in various fields.

Geospatial Revolution: Trailer

Video time: 05:33

Geospatial Revolution: Episode 1

First episode is 13:45 minutes long and has four chapters as follows:

How We Get There
How We Got Here
Why We Need It

Geospatial Revolution: Episode 2

Second episode is 14:42 minutes long and has three chapters as follows:

Creating an Interactive City
Power Business
Finding a Healthy Future

Geospatial Revolution: Episode 3

Third episode is 15:02 minutes long and has four chapters as follows:

Mapping the Road to Peace
Waging Modern War
Serving & Protecting
Staying Safe

We strongly recommend that you share this series of informational videos especially with the school & college students which will increase their interest into various fields of life. Also Geospatial Revolution website offers an extensive range of resources and educational material for different levels.

Fourth episode will be released publicly on 3rd May 2011.

All images & videos are copyrighted to Geospatial Revolution. Visit the Geospatial Revolution Website

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