Here is the latest satellite imagery update by Google. This update is relatively small but it covers the important places. Google announcement at Lat-Long blog has featured the runway of Peshawar International Airport.

This imagery update provides the fresh satellite imagery for Kalam Valley which is one of the most attractive place for tourists in North-East Pakistan. Also it covers the latest images for Jacobabad town, huge area of North Shikarpur, East Karachi in Sindh and Khuzdar and surrounding areas in Balochistan.

Another important feature covered by this update is the Khojak Railway Tunnel near Chaman, Balochistan. Khojak tunnel was built in 1891 at Khojak Pass. It is 3.91 Kilometers long and remains the longest tunnel in South-Asia until replaced by the 8.6 Kilometers long Lowari Tunnel, currently under construction and to be completed in 2013. The entrance of Khojak Tunnel from Quetta to Chaman bound was also featured on back side of old 5 Rupees bank note by State Bank of Pakistan.

Here in following image taken from Google Earth, we have tried to measure the length of tunnel using Google Earth measuring tool and it also tells the length of approximately 3.91 Kilometers from visible entrances of both sides.

You can also download the Google Earth KML file to see the imagery update for yourself and can subscribe at Follow Your World to track the updates in your areas of interests.

Imagery Update: Week of October 24th
Khojak Railway Tunnel