Google will be announcing a fresh set of satellite imagery update made on 15th August 2011. This fresh update is very large as compared to last month update. The imagery update can be seen at Google Earth by downloading the Google Earth KML file to see the new imagery marked with red rectangular. You can also subscribe to your local area updates by sign up at Google’s Follow your World.

Explore the South-West Treasure

Explore the South-West Treasure with major areas of Balochistan and Sindh province covered in this update. Only few particular towns receieve new satellite imagery but many other interesting landmarks such as mountains, lakes, forts, seaports and national parks get the new satellite imagery. It is interesting and in a way very useful that most of the areas receive satellite imageries that have been captured very recently.

Few of the areas getting new satellite imagery are:
Khawazkhwa & surroundings
Forward Kahuta
Makran Coastal Line
Balochistan Mountain range

About Mojgarh Fort

The Moj Garh fort was founded by Muhammad Maroof Khan Kehrani, in 1743 A.D. This square fort decorated with glazed tiles and surmounted by a single dome stands about 400 yards south of the fort. The fort is at a distance of 32 km from Marot Fort and at present the fort is in ruins. The outer burnt-brick facing and the interior facing of the fortification wall has collapsed at several places exposing the mud brick core. The fort is almost square in plan measuring 325, 312, and 238 feet on the southern, western and northern sides respectively. The walls are strengthened with a series of semi circular bastions.

Let us know if you find interesting features through this new imagery update.

Source: Mojgarh Fort from Localyte []
Source: Google Earth imagery KML

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