Google’s fresh satellite imagery update is here and stands out the second update in same month. Although, for Pakistan this turns out to be rather small update as compared to recent update on 15 August. Hyderabad, Sindh is one of few towns that are updated in this announcement.

Following areas are covered in this satellite imagery update.

– Shar Darra Lakes, Gilgit-Baltistan
– Darbandh, Chitral
– Lotkoh, Chitral
– Hyderabad, Sindh
– North areas of Darazinda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
– Zhob & surrounding areas
– West area of Kot Rum, Punjab
– Jubho Lagoon Wetlands, Sindh
– Nagar Parker, Thar Parker
– Miani Hor, Sindh
– Iranian, Pakistani Border areas

You can download the KML file and open in Google Earth to see the latest update marked in red rectangular. You can also use the Follow your World tool to subscribe to satellite updates for your interested areas.

Source: Imagery Update: Week of August 29th – Google-Latlong Blog

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