There have been smaller but unannounced imagery updates in months of September & October. The updates were published to Google’s default satellite imagery KML file on September 7th, September 21st and the recent one on October 5th. Although all of these imagery updates were smaller in size for Pakistan but they cover some of the prominent areas of interests.

Imagery Update – 7th September 2011

This update covered a wide area of Sindh that had recently been affected by massive floods leaving millions of people badly affected. The update includes the surroundings of Badin district as well as it also covers the neighbourhood area of Indus river from Hala and Hyderabad to Tando Muhammad Khan in Sindh province. Imageries for the areas are dated 16th and 10th February 2011, respectively. The update also provides the new imagery for southern area of Manchar Lake where the expansion of lake can be analysed using historical imagery in Google Earth. Imageries are dated to 26th and 1st May 2010.

In Balochistan, it covers the south side of Kalat and some updates for empty areas near proposed motorway M-8. In north side of Balochistan it covers the south area of Zhob town. Imageries are dated to 26th and 1st May 2010.

In Punjab, it covers the Bahawalpur city and bit of its surrounding areas. Imagery is dated to 20th April 2010.

In Federal Administered Tribal Areas(FATA), imagery covers the wide area of Datta Khel and taken on 6th April 2010.

Imagery Update – 21st September 2011

This update provides a lot more imageries than the previous one. In Sindh, it covers the huge areas of Bhorita, Dharindharo, Rawatsar and south side of Indus River Delta. It also covers the Baqi Khan, Peeral Khan Majeedano to Benazir Abad in south, although it doesn’t include the Benazir Abad town.

In Balchistan, it covers the south side of Kirthar Mountains range, Makran mountains and huge area in north side of Gwadar port town. New imagery can also be found for areas near Pakistan-Iran border, south side of Nushki and Dera Bughti mountain range.

In Punjab, update follows to south side of Sadiq Abad, Girdu, Khar, Fort Monroe, Dera Ghazi Khan to Badwani, Hasilpur, Vehari, south-east Khanewal, Mailsi, Toba Qalandar Shah, Toba Baluchan, Munianwala, Pakpattan, Haveli, Choa Saidan Shah, Salt Range, Katas, Kallar Kihar, Talagang, Pichnand, Tamman, Dhermond, Dhok Faqira, Mial, Bhagtal and Chakwal.

In Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK), Dhanwan, Chawala, Palangi, Mahmood Gali, Abbaspur, Madarpur, Sehra, Tata Pani, Seri, Khuiratta, Sarsala and Khadora endorse the new satellite imageries in single huge size capture on 13th March 2011.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kalakot, Koza Drushkhela, Chupriyal, Asharay, Barthana and Rodingaar receive the fresh imagery.

Imagery Update – 5th October 2011

The most recent update is not very large in size but it cover few prominent areas throughout the country. In Federal Administered Tribal Area, Makin and Razmak area receive the fresh imagery taken on 13th October 2010. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar city gets a huge fresh update with imagery taken on 21st March 2011. This imagery is of huge size covering the Addezai and Aza Khel in south as well.

In Balochsitan, Kanozai, Pishin, Pir Kalandar and lots of empty areas get imageries update.

In Sindh, floods affected areas keep receiving the fresh imagery updates covering Islamkot, Sinhar Nagar and their surroundings in this update.

In Punjab, lots of updates in deserts and the most important and huge size update covering the cities from Wazirabad to Qila Didar Singh, Gujranwala, Gakhar Mandi and Tatlay Aali in south. Also a huge updated area in south side of Haveli town is in this update.

You can follow the imagery updates in your area by subscribing to Follow your world tool by Google.

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