There is huge imagery update from Google to its mapping products. This update titled as Imagery Update: Japan & beyond covering the high resolution satellite imagery for Japan specifically for areas hit by recent earthquake & tsunami disaster. Google describes the level of urgency to imagery updates for Japan as follows:

It was just two weeks ago that we announced new high resolution imagery of Sendai in support of on-going relief work. Today we’re announcing additional high resolution imagery of Japan, as well as other parts of the world.

A large size of area received high resolution imagery update in Pakistan alongside other number of countries. See following screen-shot taken from Google Maps which marks the imagery updated areas for Pakistan in red rectangular.

This satellite imagery update currently reflects only on Google Maps, Google Earth and it will make its way to other mapping products such as Google Maps Mobile and Google Map Maker as usual. You can download the Google Earth file in KML format and explore in Google Earth if your local area in Pakistan has any satellite imagery updates. You can also subscribe on Follow your World application provided by Google to follow updates on imagery updates for your area.

Mappers at Google Map Maker

  • If you find that map data of your area has misalignment after the recent satellite imagery update, which is usual, then you can request a mass realignment by Google Map Maker Team at Issue Tracker.
  • It will be helpful to let know the Pakistani mappers at Google Map Maker if any area of your interest received an imagery update. So please report the updates in forum or in comments below as it will help Pakistani mappers to focus on that area for moderation to your edits.

Below you can see the example of updated imagery taken from Google Earth, of Lyari Express, Karachi showing the satellite imagery from current update and Historical imagery from 2000.

Screen-shot are taken from and copyrights to Google Maps & Google Maps.
Read Google Announcement: Google LatLong: Imagery update: Japan and beyond

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