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Today, we’re proud to introduce you to our Google Map Maker Advocates! Google Map Maker is an online tool that enables individuals to add detailed information to the maps of many countries and regions for everyone to view and use in Google Maps. Having a healthy community of people contributing their local knowledge to the maps is essential, and these nearly 50 mappers representing regions from around the world have earned the status of “Map Maker Advocate” for the year 2011. They’ve made an impressive number of contributions to the map, as well as demonstrated community leadership by organizing mapping events and actively participating on our Map Your World discussion forums throughout the past year.

As part of this year-long volunteer opportunity, Map Maker Advocates will be heavily involved in Map Maker events hosted by Google and are also excited to host their own mapping events sponsored by Google. These are the mentors of the Map Maker community, well versed in the technical aspects of the product as well as local experts for their region of the world.

You can discuss mapping with them on our Map Your World discussion forums, directly through the Map Maker Advocates page, or look for their upcoming events on the Map MakerCommunity Events calendar. We encourage you to try out Google Map Maker today and thank our Map Maker Advocates for their continued enthusiasm and support of our growing mapping community.

Posted by Jessica Pfund, Program Manager, Google Map Maker

Image screen-shot copyrights and taken from Google Groups.

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