As you may already remember some of the exciting undiscovered Balochistan we brought in our last imagery update, here is more Balochistan to explore. In recent satellite imagery update by Google Earth during week of 12th December, many more pleasant features unleash. Following screenshot mentions the settlements of Jiwani, Laura and Okar near Ganz (one of the recommended surfing beach).

Also if you remember the excellently planned gardens & agriculture fields of Shank then here are the mysterious green fields of Sar-i-Parom.

One of the most important discovery through this update is the existence of three extremely different types of geological structures at mere distances of few hundred meters from each other and actually touching the boundaries of each other. As you can see in following screenshot of Kharan area, where green lands, desert and rocky mountains exist in single view point.

Apart from these updates from beautiful Balochistan, following other important areas were also updated.

Lahore and surrounding areas.
Peshawar and surrounding areas.
Mahmud Aulia
Mohammad Pur
Pano Aqil City
Baiji Purani
North side of Kalri Lake

You can also download the Google Earth KML file and explore the marked updated areas yourself. Also you can subscribe to Follow your world tool to get updates about areas of your interest.

Source: Imagery Update: Week of December 12th

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