This is first part of this series named as “Standards for mapping Pakistan” at Google Map Maker. It covers naming a feature and its various aspects.

  • The name title of a feature must reflect the exact name as it is used in real world and based on same as it is given or registered to a feature by certain local regulatory authorities.
  • The name title must be avoided for extra relative information and customisation e.g. capitalization, descriptors etc. Google Places provides excellent tips of choosing correct name of features.
  • Name title¬†should have at least one name in English. It is important otherwise it makes the features accessible to certain group of language users only.
  • A feature can have Names added in any number of languages.Updated
  • The ‘Type of Name’ should be selected based on the type of name & not the ‘Language’ used.Updated
  • The names will render on the map based on the ‘Type’ of name as per the following priority.Updated
  • Preferred > Official > Colloquial > Abbreviated

  • Urdu name is not compulsory, taking that not every user may have availability of Urdu script input on their machine. In case, if an Urdu name is added then it must be set Preferred type and it must be written in Urdu script/alphabets. Names with Roman Urdu (written in English script/alphabets) are not valid Urdu names hence they must be set as English language type.

If you are interested to use Urdu script for name titles then Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout for Windows can be downloaded from “Center of Research in Urdu Language Processing” website. All instructions to download and installation are provided at the same page.
Preferred method to name a feature

  • There must be at least one Preferred name for each language.¬†(NB: English is Official language and Urdu is National language of Pakistan.) You can also add as many regional names you like. There are no restrictions on number of regional names. Updated
  • If one is set as Official and one is set as preferred then Preferred name will be used by features to produce results. As in following example the driving directions would be limited to the people who can read and write Urdu language.

Example of limited accessible directions result

  • Additional names in regional languages (Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Pashto) are optional. These can be either added in addition to just main compulsory English name or to both English, Urdu (any other) names and must be written in their relevant script. Regional names must also be set as Preferred since regional languages are the official representatives of the relevant provinces.

Example of regional name for a feature

  • If a feature is well known by an unofficial name then that name must be added as Colloquial type name. As a result, colloquial names will appear on map.
  • Any abbreviation must be added in addition to main name titles. A feature must not be named using ONLY abbreviation.
  • If official name of a feature is changed to a new one then older name must be added as Obscure type.

Example of obscure name for a feature

  • Personal information is not allowed at Map Maker. Refer to Terms of Service for more information on privacy.
  • Name written in English script marked as regional language will be an invalid name.
  • Name in English script must be in Title Case. (Every first letter to be capitalised for each word.)
  • Town name, locality name, area name, street name must not be included in title unless an exceptional case e.g. “Anarkali Market” or “Hall Road Movies”.
  • A Chowk or Chowrangi should be added as an “Establishment/Point of Interest” category. Renaming road Intersections is a bad idea since these names then do not appear on the map and stay hidden. Chowk/Chowrangi names are a vital orientation and navigational tool in Pakistan and in the sub-continent in general.Updated

This article is reviewed by Google Map Maker Team and power mappers of Pakistan. All images and screenshots copyrighted to and taken from Google Map Maker.

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