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After Google Maps, Open Street Map and Naqsha, here comes the NAVTEQ maps with street level information available for Pakistan. The details are limited to larger cities to towns and few villages and more or less seems like the similar amount of data to Naqsha. Similar to other digital maps providers, the NAVTEQ maps are also imagined to be based on mix sources of community crowd-sourcing and third-party copyrighted map data. The satellite imageries are based on data provided by Digital Globe. However, despite providing all data sources for US, Canada and European countries, there are not mentions regarding map data sources for rest of the world in NAVTEQ terms.

Tech Prolonged reported this morning with following exclamatory sentences.

Just as a coolant to the eyes it was, when I saw the Pakistan maps of some cities on NAVTEQ. Thanks to Farhan at, I just followed him through NAVTEQ website and really found that the Pakistan maps are available in great detail. Only street maps for cities (may be not for all cities) but cities I checked were Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura and Faisalabad. The maps currently are available up to street detail and major motorways, but surroundings of the the cities (out of the area of main cities) are not yet mapped. Well that’s even fine for now…

Here are some of the screen-shots we have collected from NAVTEQ.






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All images are copyrighted to NAVTEQ Maps.

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