I am having this dream for quite some time now: to wander all around Pakistan once before getting married…

And I hope to turn this dream into reality any time now. I am planning for it these days: getting things done, finishing client projects, and buying necessary stuff. It will be quite an experience. I have got a special domain ready to post pictures, videos, and text about the places where I will visit during the tour. I still haven’t decided by what means I will be traveling. What about a motorcycle? [1]

This is the abstract of dream told by an enthusiastic young Pakistani in July 2008. It took him almost two years to take first step towards fulfilling his dream due to usual life commitments. At the end, the only companion he had with him was his bike “Neeli” and gadgets such as mobile phone to keep everybody updated.

After over an year now, he is looking forward to next levels after completing his tour through five rivers and magical desert of Punjab.

Sohail Abid is a software engineer, novelist, journalist and cultural researcher. His personal projects include well managed list of websites that basically initiated because no one else was doing in properly [2], says Mr Abid. Least but not last, he became a motor-bike traveller as soon he drove through his dream with title of “Tour de Pakistan” [3].

Mr Abid had been using printed copies of Google Maps as reference for driving directions through the country, his mobile phone to capture the photographs of towns he visited and learning extensive stories from locals to share with rest of people of Pakistan. This is another example where contributions by Pakistani mappers at Google Map Maker go into a well helpful cause.

Mr Abid had also been updating his tour live from place to place at Tour de Pakistan Facebook page [4]. His personal website endures an interactive embeded Google map [5] that not only displays a brief view of his visited places but also takes the visitors to detailed sections for each destinations that is enriched with photographs and tour stories. Mr Abid has recently been to the Kaghan Valley in beautiful mountain range of Pakistan and brought back beautiful photographs and 360° panorama [6].

Follow the links below to visit the completed tours in detail and to follow him for upcoming journeys.

Tour de Pakistan map
Tour de Pakistan Facebook page
Sohail Abid on Twitter

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[3] Not to be confused with main bicycle race event of “Tour de Pakistan
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[6] 360° panorama of Paye Maedows, Kaghan, Pakistan
[Images] All images are copyrighted and taken with permission from SohailAbid.com
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