Google has produced a new global set of updated satellite imagery on 28th November 2011. This satellite imagery covers huge area in Pakistan and significantly important towns and settlements. You can download the Google Earth KML file and see the marked areas with updated satellite imagery. You can also subscribe to emails with Follow your World application to receive notifications regarding imagery updates to your areas of interest.

A vast size of area in Pakistan has received satellite imagery updates. Badin District in Sindh province that recently been affected by massive floods due to Monsoon season in late summer this year receives a massive satellite imagery update.

Undiscovered Balochistan

One of the interesting part of the update is the undiscovered areas of Balochistan province. Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in relation to area size although hosts very small amount of population as compared to other provinces. Balochistan is full of rocky mountains to sandy beaches, lakes, hiking opportunities, canals, fords, gardens and diverse extreme weather conditions from blazing hot summer to freezing cold winter. By utalizing this imagery update we share some of the undiscovered places and let you find more on own your using Google Earth.

Surfing in Ganz

Ganz is located almost at West corner of Balochistan near border of Iran. The nearest famous town is Jewani and Gwadar. Ganz beach has been recommended for surfing by surf-forecast website and many others because of its fairly consistent tides and surfing waves.


Regiwar is very small settlement in middle of Balochistan province. The noticeable attractions are nearby mountains that are shaped in particular way to form a pallet like structure. These mountains are part of Hingol National Park.

Gardens & agriculture fields of Shank

Shank or Bibi Shank is medium sized settlement surrounded by approximately 50 Km man-made wide stripes of gardens and agriculture fields. The amazing part is a very well organised structure of these gardens and fields. It has been so beautifully structured that from a distance aerial imagery, it looks like a pattern.

Other most prominent areas included in this update are listed below.
Badin district, DHA city, North area of Jamshoro, Mirpur Khas, Sanghriaro Lake, Sanghar town, Indus Dolphin reserves in Sindh
Khuzdar, Shank, Regiwar, Suleman Mountain range and Ganz seaside town in Balochistan.
Dera Ghazi Khan, Jampur, South side of Sahiwal, Allah Abad and Ara near Khewra.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Barram Ghali, Harianai and Biar.
Laki Marwat in Federal Administrated Tribal Areas and Hattian Bala in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Source: Imagery Update: Week of November 28th – Google LatLong Blog

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